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3rd-Sep-2007 01:46 pm - Update?
Well the cast is still on hiatus but I thought I'd post something here to try and boost some life into it. This may or may not be new news to some people but I just thought I post it here anyway.

Coming in the new year, there will be TWO English yaoi/boy love magazines. One is BL Twist ( http://www.bltwist.com/ ) and the other is Yaoi Magazine ( http://www.yaoimagazine.com/ ). At this time, both appear to be still accepting submissions. If anyone gets a preview copy of either one of this, please post a review here!!

A new Japanese yaoi magazine hit the shelves this past May, HUG. Two of the artists which are featured are Kazuma Kodaka and her series Border and Sanami Matoh's FAKE second season. Doctor Ten has also made an appearance in the first issue (in a VERY PG-13 short. Yes, PG-13) and is said to have another of her works published in volume 3 which is to be released in September. So far, I am very impressed with the magazine (I have a subscription ^^). Nothing extremely hardcore, but its still early. On a side note, seeing a Dr Ten story with NO sex/fluids, semi nudity (chest), and very normal is strangeeeee. Can't read Japanese so I don't know what they're saying or the story, but artwork is very pg-13. I never thought I'd see one by Dr Ten.

This year also marked the end of the fan-scanlation of Under Grand Hotel. No signs of anyone picking it up for licensing, though I'm not too surprised.

Its not yaoi but more shonen-ai-ish. The anime version of Ouran High School Host Club got picked up for licensing by FUNimation. ~_~ No English cast has been released, but I fear what they're about to do with... well everything!! Not to mention the voices and the translation. Oh that was a very sad day to hear about that.


If anyone is curious, they're a series on homosexuality in comics. It seems to focus more on western comics, but I thought I'd post the series here anyways for people to read. The following paragraph just amuses me. Mark Andreyko echoed the sentiment, saying, “I think most Americans still retain the puritanical DNA of our Founding Fathers and are nervous around any sexuality. We, to our own detriment, would rather have our kids watch “Saw” or play “Grand Theft Auto” than have them see --gasp-- a naked body or people making love in a film. It's sort of creepy.”

For the OVA front, Youka Nitta released a three-part OVA, a kind of side-story to her masterpiece (in my mind anyways) Haru o Daiteita/Embracing Love, Winter Cicada. The episodes were released in February, March, and June. Oh the wait for three was painful. More plot, angst, and drama, and less sex in this series but its still worth seeing. There are a few pieces of artwork from this in Kiss of Fire.

Many series have been released in English and many more to come. On my I-can't-wait-for-it-to-come-out list are Ai no Kusabi and Not Love! Both of which are coming out in the fall. AnK is an old OVA series, so this has been a very long time coming. Very hardcore and dark. Miyamoto's artwork in Not Love is just gorgeous and beautiful. I seriously hope to see more of her work licensed over here. PS, if anyone has any of her work (in Japanese), pleeaseeee send it to me *chibi eyes*

The Crazy Canuck
19th-May-2007 02:45 pm(no subject)
For those who wish to keep track on future updates from yaoicast, please friend this community. Only hosts can join. If you're interested in becoming a host, please email me here: twilights.of.december@gmail.com

Thank you <3
30th-Apr-2007 04:20 pm - Looking for hosts.
Although we already have couple of hosts, we are still looking for a couple more to join us. If you are interested, please keep on reading.


- Some of your time. It may take about 2~3 hours to record depending on how fast we get it done. Of course, it can be divided and put all together when I do the editing. And then you'll probably need an hour or so to do a review or look up some news for the podcast when it's your turn to do so. I would like to release an episode weekly. If that's too hard for the hosts, then an episode every two weeks. Either way, please be prepared to give up some of your free time for us.

- A headset is a must. Not your internal microphone on your computer. I don't mind Webcam built-in microphones, but it would depend on the sound. Like I do with all the hosts, you'll have to do a mic check with me.

- Skype is a must. It's a free internet telephone thingy. You can download it here: http://skype.com

- A decent connection. Each recording will probably be divided into 30 minutes incase connections are bad or there is some other kind of issue. But I would prefer a connection that can stay online for more than an hour without cutting off.

- Please be talkative. Don't stay silent for half of the recording. We want to hear you and so do the listeners.

- An you must have the basic knowledge of Yaoi. Last time a yaoi-fangirl asked me what a seme and an uke was. Not that I have any problem with explaining to them. But this is a yaoi podcast. You should know quite a bit about yaoi if you want to be a host.

- Be respectful towards all the hosts. No unnecessary drama needed.

- Ages 16+ only.

Yeah. That's about it. Anymore questions can be posted here, or sent @ twilights.of.december@gmail.com

Or you could always just drop a line on Skype @ roxxi_

Thank you & hope you consider becoming a host <3
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